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My thoughts on the passing of Isaac Bonewits
Last night I watched James (Seamus) Dillard's tribute to Isaac through my Facebook. For those of you who haven't seen it, many of my FB friends have posted links to it. Just watching those pictures float by to that beautiful tune made my heart break. Yes, I'm a sentimental person, but there is more to that grief than sentimentality, I think.
I only met Isaac a few times. Once, I got to see him perform a small yet beautiful handfasting ceremony up close and personal, and in that I could see his earthiness, intelligence, and sparkling wit come alive. A few times at Starwood last year, Isaac actually stopped in the road to speak to my husband and me, and at the time I felt so star-struck all I could muster to babble about was the weather. I probably had about half a million things I could have said to him, since I read and loved Real Magic and I was just getting involved with ADF, but I guess I'm just a fallout from the celebrity-worshipping culture as much as anyone else (I'm not worthy! I'm not worthy! says Wayne and Garth to Steven Tyler of Areosmith). I guess I can't go back and change that, but what I did notice in those brief encounters was his openness and willingness to talk to just anybody, without the usual pretense and egotism that one sees with the leaders of many religious communities, not just our own.
Yet, when reflecting upon the life and death of someone whose accomplishments still had a big impact on my life and my spirituality, I couldn't help but cry. Not tears of sorrow, mind you. I'm glad that he was able to pass from this material world in his sleep, after the intense physical suffering he must have experienced with his cancer. He's on to his next great adventure and I'm truly happy for him. I cry tears of gratitude that he was with us as long as he was, and shared so much with us. I'm grateful for his forming ADF in the manner that he did, which Ian Corrigan points out in his memorial. I, too, believe in the Vision of establishing a Neo-Pagan religion as a world religion that should be able to stand beside the other religions of the world without shame or hiding in the broom closet. As an atheist ex-boyfriend of mine once said to me, "well, if we're gonna save the Earth, maybe starting with worshipping it is the best way to go."
Although I am only beginning in my ADF studies, I can already see the genius behind its invention. For one thing, I really like the first dogma of the organization being the "Doctrine of Archdruidic Fallibility," which means that all members are required to believe that the leadership messes up from time to time. I can also appreciate in the intense focus on scholarship and intellectual honesty, which before the 90s seemed pretty rare in our community. Also, I wish I had listened to the wisdom of his Advanced Bonewits Cult Danger Evaluation Frame, which might have saved me much heartache in my own early occult adventures.
Many of the values that he represented in the Pagan community are dear to the values I attempt to live by in my own life, and, indeed, may have directly or indirectly been influenced by him. I, too, have an optimistic view of human nature and believe that, given the right environment, the human race can aspire to so much more and even accomplish more than what we do in the present time, and I believe that Neo-Paganism could be a vehicle (or one of many vehicles) by which the human race could get there.
So, yes, there is some lingering sadness that Isaac will no longer be with us, but for the most part I feel joy that he was able to share the best parts of himself with us and the world while he was here, which will hopefully inspire generations of people for aeons to come.

Happy Blue Moon Eclipse and New Year's Eve!

This is a fantastic opportunity to make a wish, and make it stick! Good luck !

Wanna move to England?

Dude, I'd totally apply if I lived anywhere near there. Seriously.

John Barleycorn
Well, I'm just a little posting demon these days, but today on Yahoo's Woodstock 69 radio I heard a little gem called "John Barleycorn" by Traffic and I couldn't resist posting the lyrics:

There were three men came out of the West,
Their fortunes for to try,
And these three men made a solemn vow:
John Barleycorn must die.

They've ploughed, they've sown, they've harrowed him in,
Threw clods upon his head,
And these three men made a solemn vow:
John Barleycorn was dead.

They've let him lie for a very long time,
Till the rains from heaven did fall,
And little Sir John sprung up his head,
And so amazed them all.

They've let him stand till midsummer's day,
Till he looked both pale and wan,
And little Sir John's grown a long, long beard,
And so become a man.

They've hired men with the scythes so sharp,
To cut him off at the knee,
They've rolled him and tied him by the way,
Serving him most barbarously.

They've hired men with the sharp pitchforks,
Who pricked him to the heart,
And the loader he has served him worse than that,
For he's bound him to the cart

They've wheeled him around and around the field,
Till they came unto a barn,
And there they made a solemn oath,
On poor John Barleycorn.

They've hired men with the crab-tree sticks,
To cut him skin from bone,
And the miller he has served him worse than that,
For he's ground him between two stones.

And little Sir John and the nut-brown bowl,
And he's brandy in the glass;
And little Sir John and the nut-brown bowl,
Proved the strongest man at last.

The huntsman, he can't hunt the fox,
Nor so loudly to blow his horn,
And the tinker he can't mend kettle nor pot,
Without a little Barleycorn

It just tickled me that a major band of the era was writing about a pagan legend. Cool!

Writer's Block: Childhood Firsts
What was your first word?

I don't know about mine, but Leif's first word was "cat" and Lindsay's was "car" because we talk about our cats and the car a lot.

Call me sacreligious...
...or whatever it is when you don't like a dead celebrity, but am I the only person who thought "good riddance" when I heard Michael Jackson died? I mean, really. It's like everyone in the news media just glosses over the likelihood that he was a child molester of some sort, not to mention just an extremely miserable human being who had to grossly misfigure himself to show the world just how much he hated himself. I think it's a good thing he's dead. In the best of all possible worlds, he would get intense psychotherapy, apologize to all the kids he molested and pay their psychiatrist bills for life, and start to love himself and make great music again. Since it doesn't seem like most of those things were going to happen, I'm glad he's dead now so he can't put his creepy white fingers on another little boy.
So there. And, for the record, Thriller was the first album I ever got, and I was going to marry Michael Jackson despite my mother's protests over interracial marriage. But I guess that's not happening now.

I am stronger than a Twinkie

I discovered a new tool today for those of us who are struggling to stay on a "food plan" (I refuse to use the word "diet" because it sounds like die-it and almost always invariably leads to failure). Anywho, today I was being good and going to a salad bar, and I was intensely tempted to eat a large, soft roll smothered with several pats of real butter. Somewhere inside of me I found the will to fight back and simply told myself several times in a row, "I am stronger than a buttery roll." Then I imagined the little roll with boxing gloves trying to fight me, and I knocked it out. It sounds silly but it really worked! It also made me giggle. So the next time you're struggling with a food temptation, just tell yourself, "I'm stronger than a ________" Fill in the blank with your enemy food, such as a slice of pizza, hamburger, Ho-Ho, etc. The sillier sounding, the better. In fact, as a meme, why don't my loyal readers go ahead and reply with just that phrase, with your demon food added at the end, and let's conquer the Battle of the Bulge!


Is it just me, but was Leonard Nimoy as "Spock" in the original Star Trek series totally hot? I mean, really. I am just beside myself with lust when I watch some of those old episodes, especially in "Plato's Stepchildren," when he sings that sexy love ballad. Now why can't that be for me? By the way, that new kid in the new Star Trek movie is okay, nothing to write home about. I don't believe him making out with Uhura though, cos there's no inkling of an interest between them in any of the other movies or series. Oh yeah, and my hubby won me a Spock doll from one of those claw machines at the movie theater. Only cost us like $15-20 in quarters!!! I love it though, sleep with it at night and everything. Well, at least the first night.

Okay, I'm done. I'm getting a towel now.

(sorry about the spoiler :P)

Who Are You on LOST?
You Are Hurley
To the outside observer, you're a happy-go-lucky, fun person.
And it's true that you know how to have a good time.

You can make the best of a bad situation. You love making other people smile.
You're also quite level headed. You're often the voice of reason during chaotic times.

However, there's a lot more inner turmoil going on than most people realize.
You sometimes wonder if you're going crazy, and you even wonder if you're cursed.

I finally caught that itchy little bug...
...known as the "holiday spirit." I bought some presents for people online voluntarily, and actually kind of enjoyed it. A few people wished me "Merry Christmas" and I didn't necessarily have the compulsion to slap a bitch. I even wished people on elevators "Happy Holidays" and stuff. Someone give me a shot a penicillin...quick!


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